What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique to gain new insights through hypnosis which forces the subconscious mind into a state of reorganization. Which in turn changes the perspective on the circumstances, on one's self and others involved. It is a technique to bypass the critical factor of the mind, which activates the mechanism that compares new information with old information already stored in the subconscious. This mechanism creates that voice in your head, that produces destructive thoughts like “I can't”, “I don't need it”, “I'm not worth it” etc…

Hypnotherapy makes it possible to circumvent this comparative mechanism in a controlled way. Thus, new information can be stored directly in the subconscious, allowing us to influence our limiting beliefs, blockages and habits, so that we can make powerful changes right away.

This because it all starts with making choices to adjust the already existing paradigms. When you are in control of your own thoughts you can handle anything. Using hypnosis as a therapeutic technique puts you in a focused state of mind. Your conscious mind remains awake and continues to make decisions. 

Who is it for?

For anyone who does not feel good about themselves. You may not know exactly why, but you have a desire to find out. Or you know exactly why, but are looking for a way to do something about it, especially when you find yourself in the dark. This form of problem solving makes it possible to uncover the leak, so that you can then tackle your challenges constructively.

How can it help you?

This therapy can help you on many levels of life. Examples of common themes are:
fears, phobias, addictions, stress, pain, lack of self-confidence, sadness, anger, jealousy, impotence, relationship problems, procrastination, negative thoughts, boundaries, lethargy, losing weight and so much more.

What Hypnotherapy is NOT?

It is not a magic trick and has nothing to do with a mystical state of being. It is a very natural human activity, because in our daily life we go in and out of the hypnotic state several times a day. For example, while reading a good book or watching an exciting movie. 

Nor does it mean that you will reveal your inner secrets. Your subconscious mind is there to watch out for you, so why would it start revealing secrets you don't want to reveal to others?


It is not that you lose control, instead you gain more control by focusing intensely on a specific thought, memory or feeling. Hypnotherapy actually unlocks the lower consciousness.

It is also not mind control, you do not sleep, you just experience a deep relaxation and stay fully informed of what is happening around you. You do not lose control over your own actions, the subconscious mind is there to protect you and watch over you.

Virtual gastric band

Quit Smoking

Angsten & Fobieën

Chronische pijn

Mental Abuse

Virtual gastric band

Quit Smoking

Self-confidence and Fears


Mental Abuse

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It has now been a week since I have been to you because of quitting smoking, I have not touched a cigarette since last Tuesday evening and what makes me especially happy is that I no longer feel like it, unlike the previous attempts with medication and pads.
Quit Smoking
Mieke has a natural gift for hypnotherapy and coaching and she transfers this with a confidential and warm coaching style. Immediately I felt at ease with her and she could open my eyes to so much: my self-confidence got a boost, I got insights about “why” I am who I am, how I sometimes react and how I can approach this differently. Through her I saw again the light at the end of the tunnel in the darkest period of my life, and above all, “enthusiasm” for more life.
Desire for more life
Stuck, old pain that kept coming back. Mieke helps you out of your frame (you see more there;) Look at your thinking differently, dare to feel. This is not a short-term remedy for distractions and situations, but sustainable in self-confidence and self-love... tackling! Finally I dare to be my real self and enjoy life.
Enjoy Life

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