Access Bars® energetic facelift

The Energetic Facelift is a beautiful gem among body processes from Access Consciousness ®.

What is Access Bars® energetic facelift

The Energetic Facelift is a beautiful gem among body processes from Access Consciousness®. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the cells from within, thereby reducing wrinkles and lines.

It treats the tissues, glands and organs of the entire body on a somewhat deeper level. It treats the tissues of the chest, neck and face. At the same time, your thinking about aging is energetically "addressed" and the limiting thoughts and viewpoints you have about your body dissolve.

How does an energetic facelift work?

This is all done by touching the body (chest, neck and face) with the hands, while asking specific energies to flow. It is a very relaxing treatment for the whole body and mind, and therefore ensures a younger, fresher appearance. You will feel more energetic and have a clearer mind after the treatment!

Make big inner leaps as well

This facelift not only works on the outside, you also become aware of internal changes. Such as more peace, more energy and clarity of mind. You experience more gratitude for your body and insecurities diminish or disappear completely.
The physical effect is not limited to a rejuvenated face, the whole body will feel relaxed and energized.
The Energetic Facelift is given on the face, but at the same time the whole body is taken up in the energy.

Energy boost!

So you could also call it a "body lift"! It's an amazing process that can reverse the appearance of aging on the face while having a similar effect on the entire body simultaneously. The energy flows even more to those places where it is needed and this throughout the body. The energetic facelift is like an energetic rescue, you can use it on the body.

What is an Energetic Facelift good for?

  • Relaxes the whole body and face.
  • Release stress from the body and face.
  • The skin, our largest organ, will glow again.
  • Slows down the aging process.
  • Reduces deep wrinkles and lines.
  • Strengthens the skin.
  • Works on all our organs
  • Works on our bone structure.
  • Works at the DNA-level
  • Works on a cellular level
  • You reduce self-judgement about your body and that of others.
  • A healthier, more vital appearance
  • Works from the inside out


We recommend a minimum of 4 to 5 sessions
For your own well-being, it is recommended to enjoy an Energetic Facelift on a regularly base (every 1 to 2 months).


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