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Enough! Back To Me

Hypnotherapy in West Flanders can help you lift your frustrations, uncertainty or sadness. I understand that sometimes you can lose hope. Believe me when I tell you there is a way out. I believe the power is within each of us, for these reasons I have made it my mission to help people create the life they want.

Hypnotherapy is the key to a relaxed world

 Using hypnosis I help you investigate subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and behaviors, so that change can take place. Get closer to your subconscious and discover yourself. Enough Back To Me is the hypno-therapeutic practice of West Flanders.


A workshop always consists of a combination of theory and practice regarding the theme offered.


An exciting and instructive dive into your subconscious world, where consciousness and subconsciousness meet.


It has now been a week since I have been to you because of quitting smoking, I have not touched a cigarette since last Tuesday evening and what makes me especially happy is that I no longer feel like it, unlike the previous attempts with medication and pads.
Quit Smoking
Mieke has a natural gift for hypnotherapy and coaching and she transfers this with a confidential and warm coaching style. Immediately I felt at ease with her and she could open my eyes to so much: my self-confidence got a boost, I got insights about “why” I am who I am, how I sometimes react and how I can approach this differently. Through her I saw again the light at the end of the tunnel in the darkest period of my life, and above all, “enthusiasm” for more life.
Desire for more life
Stuck, old pain that kept coming back. Mieke helps you out of your frame (you see more there;) Look at your thinking differently, dare to feel. This is not a short-term remedy for distractions and situations, but sustainable in self-confidence and self-love... tackling! Finally I dare to be my real self and enjoy life.
Enjoy Life

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